Richmond Art Society – for artists and art lovers in the Richmond upon Thames area

Welcome to Richmond Art Society, we hold two major exhibitions each year and a substantial lecture programme on artists and art history. We welcome new members to the Society, to find out about joining, click here.

The membership is made up of both those for whom artistic creation is an end in itself, including professional and semi-professional artists, and those who enjoy our highly-regarded art history lectures. Click here for a brief history of the Society.

Introductory Offer to Non-Members

We have a brilliant season of lectures this season – ranging from Modigliani to the ‘Golden Section’, from Dali to ‘Renaissance Drawing’. It’s a fantastic bargain for members, and to give everyone else an extra chance to experience one, we’re offering free entry to one lecture of your choice. Choose here.

Featured Artist



“Egg yolk, water, coloured dirt. I found natural raw linen the most sympathetic support.”

Read more about Pete Swann, our featured artist’s unusual recipe.